Squirrel-y Day

Quick post tonight, I have an early morning appointment. 

I found it interesting the way this squirrel leaves its tail dangling outside the feeder. I had noticed it on the side closest to me earlier, but it moved by the time I got the camera. Hope you enjoy my furry friends!

Yum Yum Yum

I'd better pose, before she posts an embarrassing photo of me on her blog.

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32 responses to “Squirrel-y Day

  1. Isn’t that curious. I wonder if he planned it that way. ;) lol He’s a handsome critter. He makes me smile. Thanks so much. :)

  2. What a coincedence, yesterday I took pictures of a squirrel basking on a tree trunk in my front yard.

    Blessings – Maxi

  3. Mr. Squirrel looks quite happy in there munching away!!! You are so kind to feed him! :-)

    • It’s not like I have a lot of choice on feeding them. :) The oak tree is a squirrel magnet, so I “have” to take care of them. Besides, they are fun to watch.

  4. Squirrels are adorable, even if people call them furry rats!

  5. I know they’re aggravating, but they’re SO cute!

  6. so cute!

  7. I just love that fluffy tail!

  8. Patti beside wondering about the tail I am puzzled over him being in there at all. Is it a feeder for the squirrels or a feeder for the birds that he figured out the code ;) It looks like one of those caged feeders that just small birds can only get in. Just wondering :) They do provide a show!

    • We put the cage on it to keep the pigeons from eating everything. The holes in the cages over our hanging feeders are too small for the cardinals, so we got this one that the cardinals (and squirrels) can get into. I don’t mind feeding the squirrels. We have an old oak that draws them, anyway. One winter we had 50 pigeons, and they cleaned out everything they could get to. Add a flock of blackbirds, and there’s nothing left for the smaller birds.

  9. You know I love squirrels…looks like this little one has made himself a home in your back yard…lucky squirrel!!

  10. That last shot cracked me up!! Funny stuff, Patti.

  11. Adorable little guy. Love your caption on the last photo!

  12. We were watching 4 of those little cuties chasing each other this afternoon in the back yard and into the neighbor’s yard while Mom ate all the neighbor’s birdseed. (They cleaned us out the other day) :-)

    • They will definitely help themselves to anything they can get to, Drusilla. I love to watch their interaction with each other, the chase across the yard, up the fence, onto the neighbor’s garage, jumping to the house roof, running across, into a nearby tree…until they are out of sight, then repeated throughout the day. Such silliness!

  13. Beautiful. We used to have a feeding tube for the birds and my Dad made a little box for the squirrels. I love watching them. So does my dog but she also likes to give chase!

    • Oh, yes, dogs do love to chase them. My neighbor has to keep her blinds closed in her sunroom with all the squirrel traffic, her dog wants outside to chase them so badly.

  14. Such great photos – I guess its inconvenient to have a tail get in the way of eating, very relaxed squirrel :-)

  15. It does seem quite at home in there, doesn’t it? :) I suppose having a bushy tail, one might end up with hair in their food.

  16. Not a care in the world … and also photogenic!

  17. I love watching squirrels. I hope to eventually get a good set of photos of their antics.

    • Video would probably be a better choice to catch the action.

      • I know. I’ve thought of that. Pictures take time to post, video takes a ton of time, if I have to edit it that is, which I usually have to do.

        We’ll see. I want to do more video anyway.

        • I know you’ve been experimenting with video, hence the suggestion. :) I’ve done a couple short videos on my camera, but I haven’t done the research to figure out the workflow that goes into doing something with them.

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