I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “raining cats and dogs,” haven’t you? 

On a recent evening when shooting a sunset, this large flock (also called a kit or loft) of pigeons began circling the area, looking for a place to spend the night, I suppose. I’m just glad they didn’t find our house! 


Saturday, the rain came, and stayed. Though it rendered the day dark and dreary, a visit to the fabric store added a bolt of color that brightened my day.

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52 responses to “Raining…Pigeons?

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kit of pigeons that plentiful. They’re lovely creatures. I understand what you mean about them not finding your house. ;)
    Great river stone for the day. I agree, new fabric can definitely cheer up the day. :)

  2. I have a similar photo I took of black birds last fall. I almost posted about it, but haven’t done so yet.
    Love your River of Stones!

  3. Terrific photo. I think the weather was dreary on Saturday in many places. Hope you picked up some cheery fabrics.

  4. The fabric store foray sounds like a perfect pick me up!!!

  5. Beautiful Photograph!

  6. We have had flocks and flocks of birds passing through. Is it because we live south and well you know, birds fly south for the winter?

  7. That one was fun. I’m afraid I’ve fallen hopelessly behind, but I did dedicate a small notebook so it is something fun I can continue.

  8. Hope you didn’t stay ‘neath the pigeons for long…

    Aaah yes, it’s the simple things that brighten life…

    Blessings – Maxi

  9. that is one bird if have NEVER seen at Run*A*Round in the almost 10 yrs we’ve been here. i’ve seen them down the road a bit, but never here. i guess we’ve got too many hawks?

  10. Sorry I couldn’t go with you, but glad your bolt of color brightened the dreary rainy day for you!

  11. On the west coast of BC it rains pigeons almost everyday! When they eat the blackberries it gets very messy but I still like them for some reason. Love the picture!

  12. Wow, we get a lot that perch on the roof of an apartment block near a riverside but you don’t often see them all fly off together – lovely photo

  13. Wow! That’s an impressive ‘kit’ (guess who just learned a new word?), indeed! Not a bad view, although I’m not sure I’d want to be standing directly under them. ;)

  14. I love fabric! Texture and color are always a welcome sight for cloudy day sore eyes.

  15. oh…I’m a fabric fanatic!! I enjoy just looking and feeling the various bolts of fabric at any fabric store..

    The pigeons…very cool…one of these mornings I’m going to capture (on camera) the crows that descend on our store parking lot about 7:30 every morning…crazy birds get on the roof and it sounds like a group of people walking around up there…

    • I guess I inherited my “feel fabric” trait from my mom. You’ll have to post pictures of your crows, Patti. They wander from the local shopping center to our yard occasionally for peanuts. Huge birds.

  16. I love it when huge flocks of birds fly by. It amazes me every time just how many there are! =)

    • Thank you for visiting and commenting, Aimee. For us, it’s usually pigeons or blackbirds we see most often. Some flocks of geese are rather large, too, but I see those in other areas, not so much here.

  17. Another fabulous photo. No one hopes a pigeon will stop by. It’s funny, because some people raise them and consider them pets. On the other hand, the person I’m thinking of didn’t want common pigeons to mingle with his fancy pigeons. When I have nothing to say, I say it anyway. Duh. Blessings to you…

    • My dad raised pigeons, too, Carol Ann, but I don’t remember much about them, only which coop was theirs, and there was an opening at the top of the door where they could come and go. Looking at the patterns on the ones that visit here, there’s been a lot of mingling! lol Blessings to you, too.

  18. Ah the veritable plethora of colors found in a fabric store. Certainly the perfect way to brighten a dreary day.
    Well done, Patti! Nice picture of the flock, too!

  19. I have to say, the bird picture is great (even if they are pigeons!) At least they aren’t in my yard right now!

  20. That is a lot of birds! Wherever they ended up, I bet they filled the hotel. =>

  21. Good Morning Patti! I have never known to refer to a large flock of pigeons as a kit or loft. Something new learned today :) I can never get a good shot of birds in the sky. I think I would be happy they didn’t find our house too! Nice shot Patti!

    • I was able to get this shot because they appeared to be looking for a place to land for the night, and I was on the top deck of a parking garage. I can’t imagine the mess they would leave behind. Thanks!

  22. In north Miami Dade the crows have been filling the sky like this lately. There is also a flock of several hundred small green parrots that are not native that probably bred form a few pet birds released 30 or so years ago.

    • Parrots? That would be interesting to see. We had one visit our yard a couple years ago–figured someone’s had escaped. Some of them do live a long time.

  23. Your River of Stones gem appealed to me today! ~ Lynda

  24. Wow. I’ve never seen a kit of pigeons before.

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