River of Stones, Jan.11

Today’s small stone has me reminiscing. As I prepared to trim pattern pieces to make doll clothes, the folds of the large sheet of tissue paper reminded me of days before GPS, when I was the navigator. 

Pattern tissue crinkling reminds me of days gone by:
Mom, making dresses for me; and Home Ec class, where I learned to sew.




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37 responses to “River of Stones, Jan.11

  1. Wow, I wish I could sew! I remember when my Mom and her Mom made me doll clothes. What precious memories!!

  2. Aah yes, I remember those days myself.

    Blessings – Maxi

  3. Oh yes, my Mom made dresses for me – AND my dolls. And I (almost) learned to sew in Home Ec! (Ended up teaching myself years later.)

  4. gonna do some sewing myself today… love those doll dresses

  5. When Barbie clothes were not in the budget, I was so delighted when my grandmother in Alaska sent a treasure trove of dresses. My daughters played with them too. When I made the Advent calendar for CA daughter and grandson a month ago, I was so glad I still had the tissue paper pattern of the tree.

    • Your grandmother must have had great patience, Georgette! Some of the small pieces of the Barbie clothes are stressful to work on. Just thinking, it might be better to do some of the stitching by hand. Hmmmm…

  6. Your post triggered some memories of my own….thanks for making me smile :-).

  7. i was dreadful, trying to sew! those patterns scared the crap out of me! :)

  8. A very interesting association between unfolding the pattern and managing the folds of a large road map. I like it.

    Someone is very lucky to get the doll clothes you make.

  9. I still remember Home Ec too. So interesting how memories are inspired. I can hear the “pattern tissue crinkling.”

    • It is interesting how memories are entwined in our brains, Ellen. When writing NaNoWriMo, I discovered a trail; as one memory door was unlocked, it would lead to another, and so on. I remembered things I hadn’t thought about in years.

  10. Oh my goodness – I had to adapt doll clothes for babies, when I had my preemie business. I rarely get my machine out nowadays. Except for patching Sarah’s work pants yesterday, LOL.I have made one of my goals for this year “Sew up fabric into clothes”. We shall see how long it takes to achieve, ha ha!

  11. That’s a fun goal, Trece, I hope you make it happen. I didn’t know you had a preemie business. That’s certainly an area that is needful of adapted clothing.

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  13. Are we going to hear/see more about the doll clothes?
    My mom taught me how to sew before I went to home ec class. I used to get my projects so messed up and she always bailed me out.

    I’ve gotten better at it. Sewing, not messing things up, although I still do at times.

    • If you’re interested, I’d be glad to share what I make, Christine. It’s nice to have someone to bail us out when we run into problems. I’m a master of “reverse sewing.” Or the dreaded “snip a thread and cut the garment.” Now that’s a tear-jerking moment! It’s nice to learn there are others out there sewing. Not all schools still have Home Ec in the curriculum now.

  14. Home Ec class, yes that was such a treat. I never understood why the teachers we had were so darn nasty and those samples so frustrating to sew.

    Sounds as though your memories are much better than mine. I’m glad.

  15. I used to sew a lot too, made my own suits for work, outfits for my daughter , PJs for the grandchildren and lots of doll clothes. But I haven’t done much since I started writing seriously. I miss it. Thanks for the nice memory.

    • I’ve noticed that writing takes the place of a lot of things! I learned that when writing seriously, my mind is not my own, Darlene. I don’t seem to be able to focus on other things. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip down memory lane. :)

  16. I was never very good at folding.
    Always confused the hotdog for the hamburger and vice versa.
    Which might explain why once I unfold a map it takes me half an hour to fold it back up again correctly! :)

  17. Maps are tricky like that! Pattern tissue is the same way, only it tears easily. Once it’s unfolded, it won’t go back without a fight.

  18. Childhood memories are so sweet. There’s nothing better.

  19. Ok, this brings back some memories for me, too. I know how to sew a little-if you count that down vest I made back in 1979 in Home Ec. Ohhh, and my mom used to sew all my little clothes (I was a bit of a runt)-she even made a few matching outfits for my dolls :) Thanks for stirring these up!

  20. Sewing holds a special place in my heart. It sounds like we share similar memories and experiences with sewing. Thanks for sharing this lovely stone. :)

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