View From the Top

I snapped some pictures from the top level of the parking garage when we visited the beach’s Neptune Festival. To the east: 

Yep, the ocean is still there. :)

View to the west:

I thought I had pigeon problems:

Looking down: 

Magnified to show detail: 

Thanks for looking!

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16 responses to “View From the Top

  1. It’s amazing how many pigeons can congregate in a small area. It looks kind of like our yard since my husband put down winter grass seed.

    I love the ocean pictures. Makes me wish I lived closer to an ocean :)

    • It would amaze me how many pigeons would literally pile on the platform feeder. It doesn’t matter there’s a full house, they continue to land, right on top of each other to work their way in for a seed. How nice of you to spread it over the yard for them! lol I like being near the ocean, would like to go there more often. Maybe I need to include that in my New Year’s resolutions. :)

  2. i like the looking down shot. eek! :)

    • You should have seen me inching my way up to the retaining wall, slowly peering over the edge like I was afraid my head would fall off–and take the rest of my body with it. lol

  3. You took pictures from the parking garage, but where are the pictures of the parking garage? I’m sure that parking garage also has a story to tell.

    • Yeah, um, every time I stepped away to get a shot, a car would run over me. On the other side of the building, a couple of tow trucks were busily hauling away cars illegally parked next to the parking garage. I’ll have to go back and try again one day.

  4. Have a feelin’ those are only a small portion of the pigeons packing the area.

  5. The second pic is gorgeous!

  6. Love your pictures showing the clouds. I’ve been amazed in the past few weeks about all the beautiful clouds we’ve had.

  7. When I saw your “looking down” picture, I wanted to shout, “Don’t jump!!”

  8. The birds are migrating. They’re everywhere and making a racket!

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