Happy (belated) Birthday, Lynn :)

This is what I accomplished today, after lunch with hubby at Panera. :)

Copyright 2009 Hot Fudge Studio Hampton Art stamps

The image is silver metallic, but I wasn’t able to capture it very well with indoor lighting. There wasn’t enough moonlight outside to get natural light…the price I pay for working late.

I have been blessed to have Lynn as a sister-in-law for almost five years. (if memory serves) Hopefully she’ll keep me–it’s IN THE MAIL! 

Two more belated cards to go, and THEN I can get to those new purchases from Borders. I feel like I’ve been running behind all year. Do you suppose I’m slowing down in my “old age?”  

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16 responses to “Happy (belated) Birthday, Lynn :)

  1. Beautiful card!! Slowing down? Old age? Not a chance…

  2. Not a chance if you’re going all day and into the night. :)

  3. Patti, do you print your card verses on the computer? If so, here’s a cute verse for a belated birthday card:

    Your birthday came and then it went;
    here’s the card I should have sent.

    Believe me, I’ve used that lots of times. Love the card!

    • That’s a good one, Dianna, will have to keep that. (I could be using that a lot this year). For the inside: some I print, some I stamp, some have a handwritten note. It just depends on the card.

  4. If you’re slowing down, then I must be completely stopped!

  5. i’m sure she’ll love it and forgive your tardiness! :)

  6. Beautiful card! If you’re slowing down in your ‘old age’ then I’m in trouble, because I’m tired just reading about all the cards you needed to make :)

  7. I love the card–it is very beautiful and I am sure the recipient will love it!!! Have fun making the rest!

    • Thanks, Beth Ann. This day (Saturday) has been one thing after another. Hubby’s working today, and I was SURE I was going to get busy on those cards, but it’s 4:00 already! Maybe I’ll have them done in time for next year…

  8. Lovely card Patti, I recently decided I want to start sending some handmade items to family. They don’t always appreciate the work that goes into it, but it is an opportunity to send a bit of witness too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Coleen in Ukraine

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